Creatively getting your message about your products and services into the hands of your clients. We expertly manage the process through which your clients' requests for products, literature, samples, marketing kits, and promotional materials are fulfilled.
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Sometimes it's more econcomical for you to pre-build your request piece. For example, if it is a kit; or it's a pocket folder with 10 pieces in it; or it's any of your offers that has multiple items in it, it may pay to pre-assemble the piece first. Since we save time by putting together a bunch of them at a time, we pass that savings along to you.

Here's how it works.

Give us your finished piece and let us know which components need to be assembled. We'll figure out the time our folks need to assemble the piece. That time is billed at $30 an hour. After we figure the time out, we'll convert it to a piece price to make it easy for you to keep a handle on your costs.

An example

Let's say you have a pocket folder that has 10 pieces in it, 5 on each side. The folder has a cut-out for a business card. The finished assembly is inserted into a 9 x 12 envelope.

If we can assemble 30 of these in an hour, the assembled piece will cost you $2.00. Then, when you or your clients order the piece, it is treated as one item (instead of as 13 pieces @$.35 = $4.55)

If you have any questions on this, call Vaughn at 516-326-6201.

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