Creatively getting your message about your products and services into the hands of your clients. We expertly manage the process through which your clients' requests for products, literature, samples, marketing kits, and promotional materials are fulfilled.
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Inventory and Storage

It all begins with good inventory handling. We use a powerful, state-of-the art warehouse management system. You get to put all the power of that system to your advantage through your internet "Control Center." Our procedures---to make sure your inventory is accurate and up-to-date---are simple and effective:

  • Your inventory is received and entered to our warehouse management system. (You can receive an email notification if you want for each receipt.)
    • No charge
  • Your inventory is put away.
    • No charge
  • Your stock is moved as necessary for jobs.
    • No charge
  • Every transaction that occurs for a product is recorded in a detailed history available to you on line and in reports that you run on line(movements, kit assemblies, shipments, receipts, adjustments, returns). [See listing of inventory reports.]
    • No charge
  • Storage is charged monthly on a per skid basis. A skid is generally 48" x 48" x 48".
    • $15.00 per skid (monthly)