Creatively getting your message about your products and services into the hands of your clients. We expertly manage the process through which your clients' requests for products, literature, samples, marketing kits, and promotional materials are fulfilled.
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I am ...

...a Beginner

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...interested in eCommerce Importer

...a Marketing Manager

...a Sales Manager

...a Production Manager

...overloaded with requests

...interested in pricing

The tools of the trade

You're the manager of a team of reps, or perhaps you're overseeing a dealer network. Part of your job is to make sure that these ambassadors for your organization have the right tools to do their job. Your people need information to pass along your organization's message to prospects and clients. It might be in the form of pre-sales kits, post-sales kits, new product kits, or even samples of your products.

How is your current method of ensuring your marketing network is getting timely information working for you?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have the control I need to make sure that our message is getting to the right people?
  • Do I have the flexibility to treat recipients differently? Can dealers have different requesting capabilities from reps? ..from the final customers?
  • How do I know how much material is being requested by that rep from Washington? [We know of a pharmaceutical rep who had a garage-load of vitamin samples because no one was watching the store.]
  • Would having a detailed history of marketing materials activities be useful for re-ordering in the future, or for assessing the effectiveness of our marketing and sales efforts?
  • How easy can this process be? Can it be less people-intensive?
  • What is this process costing us?

IFS -- The answer?

Honestly, we don't know if what we do will answer your specific needs. But take a look at who we are, our services, and our pricing, and see if what we have to offer may be worth a little investigating on your part. Or just contact us.

Here's our promise. When we listen to you, as a client or a prospective client, our goal is service. The outcome of our listening to you is discovery. Our method of asking questions leads you to discover what's going on in your current environment and what, if anything, you can do about it (only you know this). The solution may or may not be a sale. Through our questioning, you may figure out a way to fix it yourself, or with your current resources. That's fine. We don't want to sell our services. We want people to buy them!

[By the way, if you're interested in how we sell, get the book Selling With Integrity, by Sharon Drew Morgen. Call us. We love to talk about her ideas.]


"The goal is service. The outcome is discovery. The solution may be a sale." Sharon Drew Morgen