Creatively getting your message about your products and services into the hands of your clients. We expertly manage the process through which your clients' requests for products, literature, samples, marketing kits, and promotional materials are fulfilled.
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Business Philosophy

Who are we?

Why Us?

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Why Us?

OK, you understand what we do, and just how it matches your needs. "Why," you ask, "should we have IFS do our fulfillment thing for us?"


We have no departments. Our teams mobilize around the unique needs of your fulfillment projects and materials. We build our processes around you. Our goal is to “ our business for our customers by being easy to do business with.” (Michael Hammer)


We’ll build as many internet “paths” to your marketing and sales messages (or product offers) as you need. No special programs are required for users, just an internet connection to a secured site that we provide. And, it’s all available around the clock.


You’ll take whatever level of control you want for your fulfillment projects and inventory management activities. From your own specially designed “Control Center” on the internet, you can

  • monitor all of your projects
  • request materials
  • create products, kits, and offers
  • create users for your system
  • build your own customized “views” and “screens” for team members and customers alike.
  • generate your own "real time" reports


Our pricing is extremely competitive!



To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. - Anatole France